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USA Flight School Team Fly Halo Becomes Importer for Spain Based Niviuk Paragliders

Since their inception back in 2012, Team Fly Halo has been on a constant pursuit of representing the best brands for their customers. After months of discussion and hard work, they have officially become the importers for Niviuk's paramotor wing lineup. These wings include the Niviuk Koyot2 Moto, Link and the highly-anticipated Kougar2 and Doberman reflex wings.

"We are very happy to represent such a forward-thinking company that truly believes in designing, manufacturing and flying state of the art paramotor wings."

Niviuk Paramotor Wings' Mission Profile:

Koyot2 Moto

By popular request, Niviuk has adapted its highly successful beginner wing to paramotoring with the addition of trimmable risers and adjustable brake positions. Comfort, safety, and fun are the traits that make the Koyot2 Moto ideal for beginners. A structured leading edge, easy launch characteristics, and fun handling assure that the casual beginner will enjoy the safety of an EN-A for a long time before wanting to progress on to more advanced designs.

Niviuk Link

The Niviuk Link is a dynamic and capable EN-B rated wing suitable for highly-skilled beginners and advanced pilots alike. The Link is most known for its pitch stability and dynamic handling - two traits that generally don't go hand-in-hand. Team Fly Halo has been flying the Link for the past 2 months and have found that their students are successful flying it, and seasoned alumni love it as well. The Link is best suited to fill the niche of an intermediate's go-to wing, or an advanced pilot's easy wing. When the conditions are going to make flying tricky, (high elevations, zero wind, high altitude missions, etc.) the Link answers with it's easy launch characteristics, high efficiency and climb rate, as well as the ability to land just about anywhere - should the pilot be forced to do so. Sized appropriately, this is THE one-wing-quiver for the casual pilot. If pilots are considering a step up from their beginner wing, or want a more efficient intermediate wing, contact Team Fly Halo for a demo.


The mission profile of the Kougar2 is a highly-efficient and versatile reflex wing targeted toward strong-intermediate to expert pilots. The Kougar2′s predecessor was capable of extreme altitudes and long-distance flights. The Kougar2 promises more agility though improved wing loading, as well as improved security and efficiency through a new reflex profile that combines features of the highest-performing competition paragliders. The Kougar2 will offer smaller sizes as well, insuring greater stability and more dynamic handling. These features combine to offer an extremely efficient, fast, and stable glider. The Kougar2 details will be announced shortly, Niviuk Paramotor Wings USA will have several demos in popular sizes as soon as the Kougar2 is released.


For an expert pilot looking for high-speed thrills, efficiency, and maneuverability, the Doberman is going to be their new best friend. Word about this advanced slalom wing first surfaced late last summer, and the first prototypes made their appearance in the hands of Ramon Morillas on the FAI World Slalom circuit. Since then, the Niviuk R&D team has been optimizing this design with it's team pilots to provide slalom racers with more safety and stability on a highly-efficient and maneuverable platform than currently available. Look for the Doberman on the world slalom circuit this summer, and be sure to check with Niviuk Paramotor Wings USA for demos in popular sizes after its release.