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iPad/GoPro Mounts for Helicopters - Purpose Built/Aviation Grade/Infinitely Adjustable MYGOFLIGHT's iPad/GoPro mount system is purpose built for aviation and the rigors of the cockpit environment. The mounts are pilot installable without any tools. Crafted from aviation grade aluminum and stainless steel, the mounts are strong, light weight and have a solid feel. The mounting system's unique arm allows the placement of the iPad, GoPro or any other device exactly where it needs to be, all from a single control knob which controls three swivel joints. This allows for exact placement of the iPad,GoPro or other device to minimize device interference with aircraft controls or instruments and to maximize view.

Robinson Helicopter Center Spar Mount The Robinson Helicopter Center Spar Mount works with the center spar on the windshield of Robinson R22, R44, and R66 helicopters. The mount is formed to the shape of the spar and is then tightened with the knob to secure it in place. To learn more, go to

Robinson Helicopter Console Bar Mount The Robinson Helicopter Console Bar Mount works with the round console bar found in Robinson R22, R44, and R66 helicopters. The mount secures onto the bar and is then tightened using the knob to secure it in place. To learn more, go to

Airbus Helicopter/Square Tube Mount The Airbus Helicopter Mount attaches to the square tube that runs from the instrument panel to the side window. A similar square tube is found in other cockpits as well. To learn more, go to

"Creating mounts specifically for popular helicopters has now been achieved." said Charles Schneider, CEO, MYGOFLIGHT. "These mounts allow iPads, EFBs, and GoPro cameras to be situated so that they are easy to use and easy to operate, yet are infinitely adjustable and very secure."

About MYGOFLIGHT MYGOFLIGHT builds more premium iPad and tablet gear for pilots than any other company. MYGOFLIGHT's cases, mounts, flight bags and accessories are well-made and make using the iPad in the cockpit safer, easier, and secure. MYGOFLIGHT products help pilots more effectively integrate their device seamlessly into the flight deck. All professional grade. All built to last. MYGOFLIGHT products are highly functional and cool. Perfect for any aircraft and for everyday use. For more information, visit To contact MYGOFLIGHT, send an email to or call 303.364.7400.