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Going beyond the limits of traditional iPad mounts, the UltraThin iPad Panel Mount(TM) turns your instrument panel into the ultimate iPad docking station. Other products require a large hole cutout in your panel this mount does not, saving time and money. The purpose of this secure the iPad in a traditional avionics space while making it easy to power and view.

MYGOFLIGHT's UltraThin iPad Panel Mount(TM) system is purpose built for aviation and the rigors of the cockpit environment. This mount is pilot installable and crafted from aviation grade aluminum, it is strong, light weight and has a secure and ergonomic feel.

NO LARGE CUTOUT REQUIRED. MAINTAINS INTEGRITY AND STRENGTH OF THE PANEL. The UltraThin iPad Panel Mount is mounted on the vertical surface of the panel using four screws for maximum security and reliability. An alternate mounting method uses VHB adhesive to secure the mount to the panel.

FUTURE PROOF. UPGRADE TO NEW iPAD WITHOUT HAVING TO RE-DRILL. Patented design keeps the mounting holes in the same place forever (for same screen sized iPads). When you upgrade to a new iPad of the same screen size, future UltraThin iPad Panel Mounts will utilize the same hole configuration so you do not have to drill additional holes in your panel.

KEEP YOUR iPAD COOL As they are being used, iPads generate heat that can affect performance - resulting in a high-temperature shut down when you might need it most. The UltraThin iPad Panel Mount was designed with cooling in mind. The open back of the UltraThin iPad Panel Mount allows you to create airflow to cool the iPad by cutting two small vent holes in the panel. The UltraThin iPad Panel Mount can be used with a 5/8" air hose connector, allowing you to attach it to a standard avionics cooling fan.

KEEP THE iPAD CHARGED The UltraThin iPad Panel Mount has a power cable slot that allows you to keep your iPad charged while mounted on the panel. The UltraThin iPad Panel Mount comes with a 90degree lightning cable to keep the iPad charged.



INDIVIDUAL PILOT AND FLEET REQUIREMENTS MYGOFLIGHT's mounting and kneeboard systems are being used by more pilots flying with iPads than any other product and are in use in general, business, commercial and military aviation. MYGOFLIGHT builds general and aircraft specific iPad and tablet mounting systems. To find the correct mount for your application or to discuss specific requirements for individual or fleet use, contact us by sending an email to or call Nic Martinez on 303-364-7400 x114.

About MYGOFLIGHT MYGOFLIGHT builds more premium iPad and tablet gear for pilots than any other company. MYGOFLIGHT's cases, mounts, flight bags and accessories are well-made and make using the iPad in the cockpit safer, easier, and secure. MYGOFLIGHT products help pilots more effectively integrate their device seamlessly into the flight deck. All professional grade. All built to last. MYGOFLIGHT's modern flight bags are the first and only designed to protect the iPad or computer and make storing and accessing gear simple. MYGOFLIGHT products are highly functional and cool. Perfect for any aircraft and for everyday use. For more information, visit To contact MYGOFLIGHT, send an email to or call 303.364.7400.