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Idaho Flight School announces ground-breaking Online Backcountry Ground School

Excitement surrounds the release of Basic Backcountry Online Ground School, the first online ground school specific to mountain and backcountry flying. This new course offering from a leading provider of mountain flying instruction in the Idaho Backcountry offers a comprehensive study of concepts and practices unique to mountain flying, covering subjects like canyon flying, density altitude, performance calculation and more! Idaho is sometimes called "Southern Alaska" in aviation circles thanks to its diverse network of public-use mountain airports, many far beyond the end of any roads high in the Rocky Mountains. Over 70 mountain airstrips provide access to portions of the high mountains which are at best a laborious trip on mountain roads, or at worst several day's hike, in fantastic wilderness areas throughout the state. Safe access to the mountains requires much of a pilot, and a cornerstone of aviation safety is education such as that offered in the Basic Backcountry Online Ground School. Basic Backcountry Online Ground is a new product utilizing the latest in Internet-based classroom capability, and presents the wide world of mountain flying in a fresh, live seminar feel featuring a high-quality, 6+ hour recording of a real classroom including real, unrehearsed questions from other pilots. Coupled with a multimedia slideshow and varied learning methods to ensure an immersive experience, this course is the first of its kind to be offered online.

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Latitude Aviation is a flight school located in beautiful Coeur d Alene Idaho, at Pappy Boyington Field (KCOE). While Latitude offers primary training in its fleet of trainers including a Cessna 172, Aeronca Champ, and Cessna 175 tailwheel bushplane, unique offerings include primary and add-on training in tailwheel airplanes, instrument training and proficiency in a fantastic AATD, and backcountry instruction. Our mission: Latitude Aviation is dedicated to providing exceptional flight instruction in an efficient manner that creates safe, competent pilots. We measure our success by how our students talk about us to their friends as well as the public about aviation and our flight service in particular. Our vision: Latitude Aviation seeks to be the premier flight training provider on the Coeur d Alene airport, providing Private through Commercial and CFI instruction as we grow to a flight academy that serves the Kootenai region and beyond. Find out more about Latitude Aviation at their website, or by calling owner and CFII Jeff Fouche at 208.635.0805.