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Contact Information: Tom Langeland 210-319-4371

The acquisition of RAJAY(R) Parts, LLC will support TALCO Aviation's growth strategy by expanding into general aviation products and services. San Antonio, TX (February 20, 2018) TALCO Aviation Corporation announced today has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire RAJAY Parts, LLC, the leading general aviation turbocharging company focused on supporting thousands of aircraft currently operating a legendary RAJAY(R) system. RAJAY(R) Parts, LLC is an FAA PMA facility which owns 48 FAA STCs which includes Piper, Cessna, Beechcraft, Mooney, Lake and several other aircraft manufacturers.

TALCO will expand RAJAY(R) products and services by offering new turbo kits to the general aviation market. The timing and sequence of make/model-specific kits will be driven by customer demand. Product upgrades and improvements are also expected to be developed to enhance the existing customer ownership experience and aircraft performance.

"Our acquisition of RAJAY Parts, LLC is a well-known product in the general aviation industry which we are very proud to add to our portfolio of companies. This acquisition comes at a time in general aviation which has experienced a resugence in aircraft upgrades focused primarily on avionics. We see an opportunity to combine enhanced avionics capabilities with signifacantly improved aircraft performance using the RAJAY(R) upgrades." said Tom Langeland, President of TALCO Aviation. About TALCO Aviation Corporation TALCO Aviation has been in business since 2008 and is a premier supplier of VIP and Head of State aircraft products and services. We offer a customized integration solution specifically tailored to our customer's needs. TALCO strives for world-class operational performance, integrity, customer satisfaction and quality.