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AmSafe to Hold Special Pricing On SuperCub Kit

During the Alaska Airman Association 17th Great Alaska Aviation Gathering AmSafe launched our newest seatbelt airbag kit for the General Aviation Marketplace for the PA - 18 SuperCub. The first system was installed on the raffle aircraft and comments were very favorable on the installation fit and look of the system.

Due to numerous requests, we are offering to hold the launch price for this kit through EAA Oshkosh to give the "lower 48" a chance to look at the system installed on the CubCrafter aircraft, which is form , fit and function similar to the SuperCub.

You can visit our website at and on the home page you will see the notice on the program. Select the link and you will see the PDF information sheet for the SuperCub. This will give you kit pricing and part numbers.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Richard Heitzman, Sales Manager via email at

Thank you and hope to see you at Oshkosh

Richard Heitzman