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Akoya, Tchaikovsky's dream

An unprecedented concentration of innovation... With its refined lines, the design of AKOYA, close to the grace of a white swan, reflects its performances. From the cockpit up to the edge of the wings, and through the Seafoils, a number of technical innovations offer elegance, operating convenience and exceptional aerodynamic performance: top speed of 250km/h (155mph), greater autonomy providing a range of over 2000km (1,250 miles), fuel consumption of only 5,6L/100km (42 MPG). Light and handy, AKOYA takes off and lands in as little as 200m (650 ft) and can be easily stored in a garage or aboard a yacht thanks to its swiveling wings. Its greatest asset is without a single doubt its versatility of use. With the integrated patented technology Multi-Access, AKOYA becomes the only aircraft capable to successfully land on ground, water and snow.

Without borders... Challenging the high-end leisure aviation, this modern and futuristic plane proposes a unique innovation based on a retractable landing gear, Seafoils (carrier flanges - hydrofoils - attached underneath the fuselage), integrated Skis-in and swiveling wings. Unlike seaplanes and conventional amphibian aircrafts, the AKOYA Seafoils in no way alter the plane's aerodynamics which make it the first aircraft as effective in the water as in the air. There is no need to be a professional pilot to unwind: AKOYA is easily accessible to all, even to novice pilots who passed the LSA certificate. Once onboard, the magic kicks in. In addition to its 180degree panoramic view tainted canopy, the cockpit has specially designed to combine both aesthetics and maximum comfort while facilitating the experience of flying.

Much more than a simple way of transportation, this upscale aircraft flirts with the heavens and makes the wildest desires possible. Let's go back down to Earth and achieve this dream of yours: a turnkey solution is offered to future owners: flight training, plane customization (interior and exterior design), maintenance and after-sales service (guaranteed for 3 years). Paradise just got real.

* LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) Engineered to meet the LSA regulation, AKOYA positions itself between ultralight aircraft industry and classical certified aviation. Still not widely known in Europe, this new US standard is becoming international. Simple and pleasant, these planes pilotage is regulated and subject to the possession of a light aircraft license called for instance SPL (sport pilot licence) in the US or LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilot License) in Europe obtained after a 20 to 30h training session according to each country regulation (open to all).

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