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MakerPlane and Vx Aviation Introduce Auto-Trim Controller for Dynon SkyView

TORONTO, CANADA 16 July 2014 --- MakerPlane and its development partner Vx Aviation today announced an enhanced version of the popular M-PWR-2 trim controller. The M-PWR-2AT adds automatic pitch and roll trim control to aircraft that use Dynon SkyView autopilot systems.

The M-PWR-2AT provides two independent trim motor control channels, with selectable trim motor speeds based on external sensors or airspeed information embedded in the serial data stream as provided by popular EFIS systems. A unique feature of the M-PWR-2 family is the ability to detect, indicate and correct stuck input switches and prevent dangerous runaway trim events while still maintaining full control of the trim motors. When used with the Dynon SkyView autopilot, the device provides 2-axis auto-trim capability, thus minimizing pilot work load and enhancing flight safety.

The small size of the M-PWR-2AT allows it to be conveniently mounted anywhere in the aircraft and unlike other trim controllers, it requires almost no panel space. Only a single illuminated push-button is required to provide the stuck trim switch detection, indication and correction function.

According to John Nicol, President of MakerPlane, "This is the only stand-alone trim controller that can provide all of these features. Better yet, it is based on open-source hardware that may be purchased as a circuit board, in kit form or as a fully assembled and tested product."

Nicol added, "Our partner Vx Aviation has developed more than 20 products for MakerPlane. Every one of them has been extensively flight tested and are used in all types of experimental aircraft and even in warbirds and jets. Many of these designs have been in flying aircraft for over 10 years."

With the release of the M-PWR-2AT, the M-PWR-2 family has grown to three. The M-PWR-2X provides basic 2-axis variable-speed trim functionality for $175 (fully assembled), the M-PWR-2A adds stuck switch detection and correction and the ability to use EFIS airspeed for trim motor speed scheduling for $275 (fully assembled). The M-PWR-2AT adds auto-trim capability to the M-PWR-2A for an additional $50.

MakerPlane is an open source aviation company that enables people to build and fly their own safe, high quality, reasonable cost airplane using digital manufacturing equipment such as CNC and 3D printers. MakerPlane also provides open source avionics and software to enable state of the art digital flight instruments and displays. The website is:

Vx Aviation of Victoria, Canada specializes in the custom development of avionics products. Founded in 2004, Vx Aviation pioneered the concept of ultra-compact packaging for avionics devices. Their products are used in many types of Experimental aircraft, Warbirds and personal jets.


If you would like more information about this topic, including additional pictures, or to schedule an interview with John Nicol, please call John at 613-700-1294 (Cell) or email John at Additional information can be found on the MakerPlane website: Interviews with Vern Little of Vx Aviation may be coordinated with John Nicol.