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MakerPlane and Vx Aviation Introduce Haptic Stick-Shaker for E-AB Aircraft.

MakerPlane and Vx Aviation Introduce Industry's First pre-Stall Warning Haptic Stick-Shaker for E-AB Aircraft.

Simple to install Stick Shaker uses EFIS AoA information from Dynon, Garmin and Grand Rapids Technology to provide tactile feedback of impending stall.

TORONTO, CANADA 21 July 2014---MakerPlane and its development partner Vx Aviation today announced a low-cost, easy-to install haptic stick shaker for Experimental Amateur Built Aircraft.

The SWZL-1A is an aircraft "stick shaker" controller system that provides a haptic pre-stall warning based on a stall vane switch or the Angle of Attack (AoA) information received from an electronic flight information system (EFIS) serial data stream. The SWZL-1A controller directly drives a small vibration motor that is clamped to the control stick or control yoke of the aircraft. The device is compatible with EFIS devices from Dynon, Garmin and Grand Rapids Technology (GRT).

In normal operation the stick shaker does not interfere with the aircraft controls. As a stall is approached, the aircraft angle of attack increases to the point where the stick begins vibrating and pulsing. As the angle of attack increases, the amplitude of the vibration and the frequency of the pulsing increase, providing a progressive indication of an impending stall. For aircraft without an angle of attack sensor, a simple stall vane switch may be connected to the SWZL-1A controller to provide a single-level, non-progressive pre-stall indication.

According to John Nicol, President of MakerPlane, "This is the first commercially aftermarket stick shaker for experimental aircraft. Our development partner, Vx Aviation has developed a very small, simple and low cost device that will substantially enhance aircraft safety. Unlike visual or audible warnings, a stick shaker provides immediate feedback to the pilot without alarming passengers. It provides direct haptic feedback that is hard to ignore even during stressful situations. "

Nicol added, "We will be demonstrating the stick shaker at Oshkosh Airventure 2014 at our booth inside the EAA Innovation Center. The product has been extensively flight tested in a Van's RV-9A and a Harmon Rocket-II and we are currently taking orders for August delivery. We are also showing our extensive range of avionics that include the new automatic trim controller, the MakerPlane open source EFIS and of course our prototype open source light sport aircraft."

The SWZL-1A is available for $149 (fully assembled). In kit form, it is available for $119.

MakerPlane is an open source aviation companythat enables people to build and fly their own safe, high quality, reasonable cost airplane using digital manufacturing equipment such as CNC and 3D printers. MakerPlane also provides open source avionics and software to enable state of the art digital flight instruments and displays. The website is:

Vx Aviation of Victoria, Canada specializes in the custom development of avionics products. Founded in 2004, Vx Aviation pioneered the concept of ultra-compact packaging for avionics devices. Their products are used in many types of Experimental aircraft, Warbirds and personal jets.