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Press Release Offers Online Shopping For Engine Overhauls

Let's admit it. Making decisions on an engine overhaul is difficult. It's not like buying a car where you have nearly perfect data and can make an informed decision. Instead, you're forced to spend the same kind of money with little to no information except what the salesman told you. Not to mention the stakes are much higher with an overhaul.

Finally, a website emerges to help aircraft owners make informed decisions. The website is It's the fastest way for aircraft owners to find shops, pricing, and reviews for engine overhauls and inspections. Oh, and it's completely free.

Here's how it works. Aircraft owners spend two minutes to post their engine project. Once posted, an email goes out to every shop in the Overhaul Bids network. Shops sign in and post competitive bids on the project. The owner then calls shops of interest, and decides who to use.

Overhaul Bids is the only place where you can find all of the engine overhaul shops in the country. It's searchable by keyword, capability, and location. You can even map your results to gauge proximity. It also has a learning center to help you learn about piston engine overhaul so you can get unbiased information about topics like understanding quotes, options, warranty, alternatives, and more. It's loaded with external content for those who want more in-depth research on topics like what cylinders are most reliable. Lastly, you'll get personalized support for your project from start to finish by the founder of the website, Alan Depauw.

Overhaul Bids isn't just for aircraft owners. It's also there to help shops expand their reach in a risk-free way. Shops only pay a small fee when they complete a job won through the website. Overhaul bids supports projects for all engine manufacturers and specializes in piston engines. Examples are Engine overhaul, Prop strikes, Hot section inspections, and anything else that you would use an engine shop for.

About Overhaul Bids: The idea for the website came to founder, Alan Depauw, when he noticed the shortcomings of getting overhaul quotes and verifying reputation by the traditional way of searching and calling shops. He can't think of another example of risking $15,000 or more on a service from a virtually unrated supplier. Now aircraft owners can have a third party source of reviews don't have to waste hours searching and talking on the phone to get quotes. It's like the Angie's List of engine shops but with pricing too.

Overhaul Bids (505) 633-7919