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Seeker Aircraft Delivers First SB7L-360A2

Seeker Aircraft America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CSI Aviation, has delivered the first production Seeker 360-A2 surveillance aircraft to its owner in Australia. The delivery marks a milestone in the evolution of the Seeker product line. The company has made improvements to the outstanding 360A model with the new 360-A2 model by certifying a higher maximum gross weight and installing the more powerful Lycoming IO-390, 210 horsepower engine. The increased capability will enable the Seeker 360-A2 to employ heavier, more capable sensor payloads at higher altitudes.

The Seeker is a one-of-a-kind, purpose built light observation aircraft that was specifically designed and developed for observation and surveillance missions. This fixed-wing aircraft provides a low cost solution for missions requiring sensor carriage, short take-off and landing capabilities, easy in-field maintenance, and industry leading cockpit visibility. With the certification of the 360-A2, the Seeker aircraft line offers customers who operate at high density altitudes an enormously capable aircraft for their observation and surveillance requirements, said Seeker President/CEO Dave Pohlman.

"The 360-A2 is aerodynamically identical to the superb 360A model. Both models of the Seeker have the same safe and stable slow speed handling characteristics. The 360-A2 also has the same docile and predictable stall characteristics of the original, making both models among the safest in the market," said Pohlman. "We are very pleased to introduce an upgrade to this outstanding aircraft." Seekers are currently flying missions in Australia, the United States, the Middle East, and Africa.