AC AERO USA LLC Signs First U.S. Distributor


BAKERSFIELD, CA (July 30th, 2020) – AC AERO USA LLC signs first U.S. Distributor and Authorized Build Center for the U.S. markets and exciting new line of performance products for Lycoming engines and clean sheet design HIGGS Diesel 2-Stroke engines.

ASAP (Aircraft Service and Parts Corp) located in Bakersfield, CA was chosen after a lengthy due diligence and search for just the right partner.

“We have spent considerable time searching for the right partner. It has significant strategic impact upon AC Aero’s ability to service the market and our customers. We were not willing to compromise that process until we found the perfect synergy,” said Karl Grove, CEO AC Aero USA LLC.

“ASAP’s location and infrastructure at the Bakersfield Municipal airport (L45) will provide the ability for customers to fly in their aircraft for refit and overhaul. We believe that this is a first for engine build shop services in the U.S.”, said Andrew Higgs, President of AC Aero USA LLC.

ASAP is the exclusive distributor for the U.S. market for both the Lycoming Performance AC Aero products such as the LEGION long stroke kits and GLADIATOR and CENTURION liquid cooled cylinders. It also includes the exciting new line of HIGGS 2-stroke JET-A burning engines. They can handle all manner and size of project and will assist customers and OEMs in their firewall forward conversions and provide collaboration for development or turnkey services.

ASAP’s facilities can house many aircraft during the rebuild or conversion process and will provide complete firewall forward solutions for customers as well as provide builder assist programs, training and more.

They are also multiple business owners at Bakersfield Municipal Airport and run the FBO, Rental Aircraft, CFI & Commercial pilot services (Best Aviation, BEST Equipment Leasing LLC), as well as a research and development company, and supplier, producer and distributor of petroleum additives, petroleum based fuels, renewable fuels, engine technologies, and petrochemical technologies (Best Corp). George has even developed specialty aviation fuels for NASA and the fuel for Steve Fossett’s Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer.

“Suffice to say we are delighted to be partnering with them on this trail blazing journey”, said Karl.

“We have been big fans of Andrew Higgs’s engine technologies for many years now and are thrilled to be involved with bringing AC Aero’s innovation to the US Market,” said Jacob Sturges, Manager of ASAP.

“ASAP shares the same vision as AC Aero, and our respective companies complement each other in such a manner as to provide necessary technical expertise, production capabilities, marketing expertise, distribution, and build center expertise, that will ultimately result in unparalleled aviation products and service within the U.S,” said George Sturges, President of ASAP.

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