Advanced Aircrew Academy’s eLearning Module Recognized


The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) is pleased to announce that Advanced Aircrew Academy has developed an eLearning module for companies to train their employees that participate in the ACSF Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP).

ASAP is an FAA/industry partnership that provides a near consequence-free environment whereby the participants can identify safety issues and report information that can be critical in identifying potential precursors to accidents.

“Training is a key element of a successful ASAP program,” said ACSF President Bryan Burns. “The ACSF provides a robust training session to get started.”

Dan Boedigheimer, Vice President of Operations for Advanced Aircrew Academy, said, “Once an ASAP program is up and running, there is an ongoing need for training current and new employees on reporting procedures and the ASAP process.”

Advanced Aircrew Academy will collaborate with the ACSF to recognize ASAP reporting trends to enhance their general operating subject eLearning modules.

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