AeroMedOPS New Name For Jet Logistics Air Medical Services


Jet Logistics Inc. has announced a rebranding of the US-based Air Carrier’s (14CFR Part 135) medical transport services division under the new trademark of “AeroMedOPS(TM) – Worldwide Air Medical Transport”.

“As the company has continued to successfully develop and grow its air medical transport division, we were challenged with developing an all-new brand, in an already crowded market, that effectively encapsulates Jet Logistics’ growing position as a leader for 24/7 fixed-wing aero medical transport, operations and management services. It additionally needed to represent the company’s domestic and international capabilities,” stated Eric Giangiordano, Director of Business Development for the Jet Logistics Group.

Jet Logistics Group Founder and President W. Ashley Smith, Jr. commented, “We believe our new brand and logo – “AeroMedOPS(TM) – Worldwide Air Medical Transport” effectively accomplishes those goals and we look forward to further promoting the growth of that key division of our company. Whether private, hospital-based, commercial or government medical services, Jet Logistics’ AeroMedOPS(TM) program offers expert aviation support to help both develop and operate clients’ fixed wing air medical transport programs, or simply advance and improve their existing operations.”

For more information on AeroMedOPS(TM) Worldwide Air Medical Transport services, please contact: Jet Logistics Inc. Eric Giangiordano – Business Development 866.824.9394