Aeroscan releases the next evolution in its Aircraft Propeller Blade measuring system


Lantana, FL, October 1, 2018 – Aeroscan, the worldwide leader in automated aircraft propeller blade measurement systems, today announced a major improvement to its Aeroscan M5 blade measurement system. This latest version of the already popular tool is fully automated and uses laser sensor technology. The Aeroscan M5 measures all five dimensions of the propeller airfoil in one ‘scan’ at each station.

“The Aeroscan M5 version 4 is a giant leap in blade measuring technology,” said Robert O’Neill, lead developer and designer of the Aeroscan M5 propeller blade measurement system. “This new technology provides far more accuracy and repeatable than previous versions. It allows repair stations the ability to overhaul propeller blades more accurately and in a very timely manner. The development of this newest version,” he continued, “was undertaken at the direction of our parent company ‘Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller, Inc.’ and the resulting design has exceeded our expectations.”

This latest version is far more accurate than previous versions and Hartzell, McCauley and the FAA have no technical objection with the Aeroscan M5 version 4 as a valid tool for returning blades to service.

“Using the Aeroscan M5 blade measuring system has saved our shop many hours,” said Gary Jordan, owner of Jordan Propeller Service in San Antonio, Texas. “The time it saves has allowed us to return propellers to service faster and our customers appreciate that.”

Larry Harris, General Manager of Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller, Inc. said, “We can’t imagine not using the Aeroscan M5. With the improvements in design using laser sensors, the results are far better than we anticipated.”

Aeroscan was acquired by Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller, Inc. in 2009 from Twin Precision Industries. Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Robert O’Neill Sr. and remains a family owned company and is located in Lantana, Florida. Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller operates Aeroscan at the same location and is both a McCauley and Hartzell service center. This allows Aeroscan to remain on top of the latest developments of the propeller manufacturers. The Aeroscan M5 blade measurement systems are in operation in quality repair stations in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Portugal and the Czech Republic including propeller manufacturing facilities.