Air Bear Tactical Aircraft Wins Patrol Bid


Air Bear Tactical Aircraft announces its selection by the State of California’s Department of General Services in the 2015 competitive bid process to supply the California Highway Patrol (CHP) with multiple next generation patrol aircraft.

Gary Bushouse, Director of Business Development states “Air Bear was selected in a competitive bidding process as we were the lowest cost bidder fully compliant with bid requirements. Utilizing the Airvan 8 as the platform, its unique abilities to support tactical requirements as well as its exceptionally low operating costs allowed it to address the stringent requirements of the bid.” Bushouse adds: “Teaming with Paravion Technology to perform the mission equipment integration, we are able to provide the CHP with a custom configuration on time and under budget”.

The Airvan features a quick change interior, large payload capacity (1,300 lbs. plus with full fuel) and outstanding hot and high performance. Exceptionally low operating costs (<$200/hr.) and affordable acquisition price provides even the most cost conscious the ability to fit operations within budget. An attractive municipal leasing program for the complete solution is also available from Air Bear to facilitate the acquisition process. Acting as prime contractor, Air Bear specializes in providing cost effective ISR law enforcement solutions.

Successfully flying ISR missions internationally since 2003, the Airvan is in daily service in the United States with 16 flown by the USAF Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol. Recently selected by another large western based law enforcement agency, the Airvan is quickly gaining acceptance as the cost effective aerial platform of choice.

John Nielsen, VP of Airborne Law Enforcement Operations adds “the Airvan is the logical choice for airborne law enforcement, not only for its low acquisition and operating costs, but also because it facilitates tactics proven successful over thousands of hours of flying, resulting in significant increases in arrests. Airborne law enforcement is all about supporting your ground units by providing smart policing and force multiplication and employing the right tactics in a cost effective manner. Air Bear’s solutions do just that.”

Nielsen continues, “the Airvan has solved many of the issues operators of first generation tactical aircraft have encountered. Unique in this class of aircraft, the certified workstations, equipment rack and camera/sensor mounted in a retractable pod provide exceptional operational utility and long endurance missions. With the camera/sensor retracted for landing, a completely discreet ground presence is presented.”