Airforms Support for DHC-2 Seats


BIG LAKE, ALASKA – Just in time for the upcoming float season, Airforms, Inc. Engineering has announced that it will be supporting DHC-2 aircraft operators with FAA/DER approved crew seat modification and installation data.

The crew seat modification data and DER approval available from Airforms addresses popular field modifications that may have been previously performed; the data also supports new modifications to eligible aircraft. The Airforms modification data specifies addition of a folding back assembly to certain pilot and copilot seats. The folding back installation on the crew seat allows for better visibility for passengers in the aft cabin, and increases the ease of aft egress for the crew.

“We are pleased to provide a timely response for operators heading out for the season,” said Kyle Taylor, Chief Engineer. “In this case, the FAA notified operators late last year of a potential airworthiness discrepancy related to the configuration of modified seats in the field, specifically that some of these seat modifications may have been performed without approved data. This left operators in a grey zone wondering about the airworthiness status of their aircraft. We were able to work with two renowned maintainers of this aircraft type and the FAA to develop a straight forward, on-time and cost effective solution.We help aircraft operators, owners and maintainers with a wide range of DER approved repair and alteration services – this most recent Beaver seat project is just one of those examples.”

In addition to their FAA DER engineering services, Airforms is the world’s leading supplier of replacement engine baffles for a wide range of general aviation aircraft; products also include an expanding line of turboprop aircraft PMA parts, STCs, and hard to source parts for fleet operators. Airforms maintains an FAA approved manufacturing system for PMA parts. For more information, including a secure online marketplace and catalog, visit Airforms operates from 7 AM to 7 PM CST business days and can be reached directly at 907-892-8244.