Aithre Aviation Announces First Wearable Continuous Read-Out Aviation Oximeter, The Illyrian


Aithre Announces First Wearable Continuous Read-Out Aviation Oximeter: Illyrian. Aithre added wearable oximeter to it’s suite of aviation health monitoring products.

Ketchum, ID – 2/3/2020 – Aithre Aviation announces immediate availability of the Illyrian. The Illyrian enables pilots to immediately upgrade to a wearable oximeter to monitor pilot and up to 5 additional users’ SPO2 and HR. Each users’ data is output to the Aithre Connect app (and/or companion watchOS) for continuous, real-time health monitoring and alerts as well as notifications.

Illyrian Highlights

  • below the ear positioned
  • alternative forehead placement
  • continuous SPO2, HR readout
  • Siri/notifications @ pilot preference
  • up to 6 simultaneous users
  • free companion app/watch app
  • use with Garmin/Dynon*

*Aithre EX 3.0 required for compatible avionics output

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already benefited from using the Illyrian in flight. “Just wanted to shoot out a quick email to you. I’ve been using the Illyrian you sent in my personal plane and I have to say, it’s pretty cool. I really like it even thought my little plane can’t get up to where it could be a problem. It’s nice to have to demo to folks and I always have my flight bag at work with it attached to my headset.” – Jason Smith, Aerotronics

The Illyrian Availability

The Illyrian is a product driven by customer/beta users feedback and is part of Aithre’s commitment to deliver the latest safety products to enhance pilot environmental and health awareness in the cockpit.

The Illyrian is available for immediate purchase from retailers already carrying Aithre products, including Sporty’s and Aircraft Spruce or directly from

Founded in 2016, Aithre, Inc. is a leader in the general aviation safety products including CO detectors, O2 pressure monitors, and headset oximeters.

Aithre, Illyrian are registered TM of Aithre, Inc. Patents issued or pending.

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