Aithre Ultra-lite Portable Refillable Oxygen Bottle, Now in 152L = 6 hours of Oxygen!


AITHRE AVIATION PRESS RELEASE, 1/12/21 – Aithre is very excited about the launch of our Aithre oxygen bottle line. Recently, we launched our 47L bottle, which is currently available at Aircraft Spruce and in Europe at Air Store Pilot Shop. We are releasing our next size up of our ultra-portable composite carbon fiber/aluminum bottles, 152L.

These new 152L bottles pack a lot of hours in such a small light-weight bottle. Measuring only 4.5” x 13″, and 3lbs full, these sporty bottles boast 6 hours of use time@2000 PSI with a fixed flow of 0.5LPM regulator. The bottles are 1.12L liquid volume 152L gas volume at 2000 PSI and are self-fill using custom Aithre-MH transfilling hose and another aviation tank. They can also be used with the optional MH regulator for use with MH pulse demand and cannula equipment. This bottle is ideal for your needs with it’s small and light size it fits in flight bag or backpack, making it easy to take with you on the go as well refillable at home or hanger.

Price is $495 retail for the 152L carbon fiber bottle, combined regulator/valve, custom neoprene sport carrying bag, and a Uni-flo2 cannula.

Plus, you can add the Aithre Altus Meso oxygen pressure monitor and the Aithre Illyrian wearable oximeter as part of any new Aithre oxygen bottle to maximize your oxygen use.

Please contact us today to explore our newest product line. You can reach us by email at or by phone 208-481-8312.

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