APPG on GA launches new Working Group on STEM Jobs and Skills


The new Working Group was formed to engage politicians with the problem of STEM recruitment in aviation. The Working Group will develop ambitious policies to promote an environment in UK education that is able to produce the skilled workforce needed to sustain a world leading aviation industry. The main focus of its work will be raising political awareness of the issues surrounding STEM education in the UK and how it relates to aviation more generally.

The 2018 Boeing industry forecast of personnel demand recently predicted an unprecedented need for aviation professionals globally over the next 20 years. The APPG-GA believes the UK should be in an ideal position to capitalise on this demand due to its inherent advantages as a location for providing aviation training. However, the aviation industry in the UK is held back by the shortage of technically qualified individuals and the lack of clear pipelines for young people to enter the sector.

The group will function as a dedicated team of experts and parliamentarians which will serve to greater inform and coordinate the action of the whole APPG-GA on matters involving STEM jobs and education. The group will select two chairs, one drawn from industry and one from Parliament to lead its programme of work going forward.

Some key issues identified through the consultation process will form the initial focus of the Working Group’s activities. These include improving the pathways for young people through education to roles in aviation, supporting greater awareness of the opportunities available in aviation and improving the diversity of recruits it the industry, especially the need to get attract more women into aviation roles.

The new group will be formally launched by APPG Ambassador Carol Vorderman MBE at its Annual General Meeting in the House of Commons on Tuesday the 23rd October.

Commenting on the launch of the Working Group, Chair of the APPG-GA Grant Shapps MP said:

“STEM Recruitment is a national issue that must be addressed for our economy to thrive in the future. The opportunity presented by the UK’s language and aviation heritage make this a prime opportunity which the nation cannot afford to miss. That is why the APPG-GA has decided to create a dedicated team to promote the uptake of STEM jobs and improve awareness of the fantastic prospects provided to young people in a world leading aviation industry”.