AsBAA To Host Safety Symposium


The Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) will hold a one-day aviation ERP & safety symposium in Hong Kong, China on November 9th 2015. The overall objective of the event is to educate and promote mutual understanding, enhance safety awareness whilst addressing critical safety concerns and local related issues to support the PRD – Pearl River Delta of China growing aviation industry.

The target audience is: front-line operational employees, crews, engineers, safety managers & leaders that are highly interested in this subject matter, influencers within their own ranks, and key stakeholders who would significantly benefit from being kept updated on aviation safety matters.

Objectives – Promote, educate and enhance airport aviation safety in Greater China for the General & Business Aviation community. – Improve relationships and encourage engagement with HKAIA, GFS, HKBAC, HKCAD & HKAA leadership and aviation stakeholders. – Serve as a foundation for future collaborative seminars on General Aviation safety within other airports across Asia. The event will be organized by AsBAA with HKCAD’s full support; there is no funding permitted for attending this event.

Event Approach and Tone The event is designed to encourage sharing and exchanging information among expert presenters and audience members in the form of lessons-learned, best practices, real-life case studies, possible solutions, technological enhancements and Q&A by the attendees is encouraged.

Location Auditorium at the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department – HKCAD Building, 1 Tung Fai Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong.

Courtesies The expense of refreshments and lunch will be provided for all invited participants by AsBAA. There is no planned delegate charge applicable.