ATP Flight School Approved For ATP-Commercial Course


Dallas, TX — ATP Flight School is now offering the ATP CTP training program at its ATP Higher Power Aviation training center located near the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. In compliance with the new FAA Regulation, this course combines ground and simulator training to prepare pilots for the commercial air carrier environment and is required training for the ATP Certificate.

“The FAA’s approval of our ATP CTP course ensures that our graduates, military pilots, corporate and charter pilots have access to the essential training required to prepare them for the FAA’s highest certificate,” said Phil Cooper, President, ATP Higher Power Aviation.

The ATP CTP approval comes at a great time, as the airlines seek to find pilots due to the global pilot shortage. ATP places hundreds of pilots each year with the Regional Airlines through its Fast Track Airline Career Pilot Program that offers a guaranteed Flight Instructor job so pilots can start their career with an airline in just 24 months, years sooner than students completing other training programs.