More than 17,000 new pilots will be required in India over the next 20 years according to a recent forecast released by Airbus (this number does not yet consider all of the additional pilots required due to the retirement of current pilot). To meet this pilot demand India’s pilot training industry will grow significantly from the current 32 flight schools in the country. The country currently has one of the highest ratios of flight school to population size in Asia with one flight school to 42 million people (as a comparison the Philippines has one flight school for every 3 million people and the United States has one to every half a million). Aviationfly.com, a comprehensive directory of over 270 flight schools across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, aims to support the Indian aviation industry and announced in line with the last day of Wings India 2020 that it now covers all 32 Indian flight schools on its website (https://www.aviationfly.com/flight-schools/training-institutes/?fwp_training_institute_countries=in).

The new online directory provides a wealth of information on each flight school – including the school’s entry requirements, courses offered, training equipment and social media profiles – providing individuals who are interested to become a pilot in India with all the information on where they can train to become a pilot. The team of Aviationfly.com also launched a How to become a Pilot in India Guide, providing step-by-step information on the minimum requirement, training and funding options, syllabus requirements, national regulations and career opportunities within each country which can be found on its website (https://www.aviationfly.com/training-institutes/how-to-become-a-pilot-in-india/) or on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc2JLIJdQU8). Through the directory and the guide the platform aims to answer the “how” and “where” questions of becoming a pilot in India.

The platform has been designed to be the most comprehensive and accessible single resource available for future Indian pilots, with all the information being entirely free of charge and with no registration required. Since the soft launch last year Aviationfly.com has already received over 1,100 enquiries from individuals in India who are interested to become pilots and the team is expecting the number to grow significantly with all the Indian Flight Schools now being covered.

Maximilian Buerger, Managing Director of Aviationfly.com, said:

“India is an exciting market and one of our top countries in terms of student enquiries. For those interested in becoming a pilot, piecing together all the information out there can feel like a daunting process. Many potential students have no idea where to start, what the minimum requirements are, which flight school to pick and the career opportunities available to them after graduating. Aviationfly.com provides the first truly comprehensive, central information source for those interested in becoming a Pilot in India – providing them with a step by step guide while also providing the student with all the school options that they can consider.”