More than 64,000 new pilots will be required in the Middle East over the next 20 years according to a recent forecast released by Airbus which would mean each of the established flight schools in the Middle East would have to train more than 200 pilots per year. Over the past few years flight schools in the region trained significantly fewer pilots than the annual regional requirement of 3,200 with the majority of pilot students doing their training internationally. This imbalance was noticed by a few players in the industry and a number of new large flight schools were announced in 2019. To provide a better overview for aspiring pilots and the wider aviation industry Aviationfly.com added all Pilot Training Academies in the Middle East to its platform.

The interesting trend in 2019 was the announcements of a number of new large flight schools especially in Saudi Arabia and Oman – these projects together with the established flight schools in the United Arab Emirates aim to become the leading flight schools in the Middle East. A great example is Oxford Saudia which has ordered 60 Diamond training aircraft which will make it the largest flight school in the Middle East.

Aviationfly.com’s online directory provides a wealth of information on each flight school in the region – including the school’s entry requirements, courses offered, training equipment and social media profiles – providing individuals who are interested to become a pilot in the Middle East with all the information on “how’ and “where” they can train to become a pilot.

The platform has been designed to be the most comprehensive and accessible single resource available for future Middle Eastern pilots, with all the information being entirely free of charge and with no registration required.

Maximilian Buerger, Managing Director of Aviationfly.com, said:

“The Middle East has the fourth largest future pilot requirement after Asia Pacific, North America and Europe but currently only a fraction of the number of flight schools required – we forecast that in the coming years, as the capacity to train more students increases in the Middle East, we will see a large shift in training preferences to be done in the region – especially after the current global challenges.”

Reference website: https://www.aviationfly.com/flight-schools/training-institutes/