Avlite Systems Offers Solar REIL


Avlite Systems today announced the solar LED Runway End Identification Light (REIL). The solar LED Runway End Identification Light provides a rapid and positive identification of the approach end of a runway. The benefits of a solar REIL is it installs in minutes with no trenching, cabling, or mains power required, and can be easily and quickly relocated.

“Avlite Systems release of a solarized Runway End Identifier Light (REIL) is another step in the progression to add more FAA and ICAO compliant products to our airfield lighting offering.” Said Tara Stewart, Head of Global Sales – Aviation. “Avlite Systems is strongly committed to on-going research and development, we will be launching many new products in the coming months – stay tuned.”

The REIL system is used to identify the threshold (approach end) of a visual or instrument non-precision runway and provides guidance to pilots during the approach for landing. The REIL consists of two unidirectional simultaneous flashing lights, located at each side of the runway threshold.

The lights have a beam coverage of 10degreevertically and 30degreehorizontally with a flash rate of two flashes per second and meets the photometric beam requirements for MALSR, SSALR and ALSF-I/II.

The integrated solar module and battery system offers considerable savings in power and installation costs. The solar module can be angled to maximise solar collection to charge the battery. Contact your Avlite representative to determine the solar system suitable for your location.

The solar LED Runway End Identification Light is available now, for more information please visit the product information page (http://avlite.com/products/product.php?name=FAA_ICAO_Solar_LED_Runway_End_Identification_Light&prod_code =AV-REIL) for the specification sheet (http://avlite.com/files/pdf/products/AV-REIL_pdf.pdf) or alternatively contact an authorised Avlite Distributor, to locate you’re local distributor please (http://avlite.com/enquiries/distributors.php).