Avsoft Creates E175 Course For Jazz Aviation LP


Avsoft has created a new E175 aircraft systems online aviation course for longtime, valued customer Jazz Aviation LP. Avsoft worked in collaboration with Jazz’s pilot training department to create a derivative course based on Avsoft’s existing E170 aircraft systems course, and then modify accordingly to make the course both E175 specific and Jazz fleet specific. Jazz will be using the E175 aircraft systems course for both initial and recurrent online pilot training delivered through a third party LMS.

Jazz contacted Avsoft in late 2021, expressing an urgent need for E175 aircraft systems training in January 2022. Avsoft was able to create and deliver the E175 online pilot training course in two months, meeting the tight deadline for Jazz. The key to the quick turnaround was the RD3 system, Avsoft’s proprietary content authoring tool.

RD3 is a database-driven application that includes all steps of the online course building process, except for the creation of graphic files, which is handled by Avsoft’s Technical Illustrators. Using RD3, Jazz was able to proof and edit the narrations, proof the graphics, add notes for team members, and proof questions. As for the narration audio, RD3 incorporates automated text-to-speech (TTS) software that uses Amazon Polly and IBM Watson neural voices.

Once all the course content was approved by Jazz, Avsoft assembled and published the E175 course. Avsoft online aviation courses work on any LMS; the E175 course will be delivered to Jazz users via their in-house, third party LMS. Any future changes, such as corrections or updates, will be managed quickly using Avsoft’s RD3 system.

“We were truly impressed, not only by the speed with which Avsoft was able to deliver the E175 Aircraft Systems online learning course, but that they did so while maintaining the highest level of care and accuracy we have come to know and appreciate from the professionals at Avsoft,“ said Joanne Francis, Training Support Manager at Jazz.

Avsoft is happy to have been able to work with Jazz to create and deliver an E175 aircraft systems online aviation course that fits their pilot training needs.

About Jazz Aviation LP

Jazz Aviation LP, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is Air Canada’s largest regional partner, operating as Air Canada Express, and is Canada’s third-largest airline in terms of fleet size. Jazz’s operations serve 89 destinations in Canada and the United States. Jazz’s fleet includes CRJ 200, CRJ 900, Dash 8-400, and E175 aircraft.

For more information, please visit www.flyjazz.ca

About Avsoft International

Avsoft provides online pilot training courses suitable for initial and recurrent training of airline pilots and a Learning Management System (LMS) to Airlines, Approved Training Organizations, and individual pilots. Avsoft offers clients one of the largest libraries of aircraft systems courses and general subject courses. Avsoft creates and customizes courses using its proprietary content authoring tool, the RD3 system. Avsoft’s courses are SCORM compliant and can be delivered on any LMS.

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