AvSport Announces 2016 Training Schedule


AvSport of Lock Haven, the Sport Pilot flight school on the Piper Memorial Airport, has announced its academic schedule for the 2016 calendar year. Several different aviation courses will be offered, spread among three quarterly training sessions. (Because of inclement weather, AvSport normally shuts down during the Winter quarter.)

AvSport’s Spring intensive session runs from 27 March to 30 April, 2016. The flight school’s Summer session has been scheduled for 26 June through 30 July, 2016, and the Fall term is 9 October through 12 November. In all cases, students commit to a total of ten lessons, scheduled as two three-hour sessions of individualized flight and ground instruction per week. Tuition and fees for each session run $2500 plus tax, including all books and required training materials.

During all three intensive training sessions, AvSport will be offering its “Five Weeks, Rain or Shine” pre-solo and “Five More Weeks of Heaven” post-solo Sport Pilot flight training modules, as well as “The Next Step Up,” a Private Pilot upgrade course for licensed Sport Pilots. In order to maximize the individual attention required for success in flight training, AvSport accepts only four students (first come, first served) during each of its three five-week sessions.

Between sessions, students may enroll individually for Discovery Flights, Introductory Lessons, flight reviews for licensed pilots, and AvSport’s four-lesson “Flight FUNdamentals” mini-course. Also offered during the inter-session periods are “Pilot Downsizer”, a three-day transition course for licensed pilots wanting to experience sport flying, and “Airspace Ace”, a four-lesson mini-course which provides licensed Sport Pilots with the experience and endorsements required to fly into more complex, controlled, and congested airspace. An annual Simulator Club membership is also offered, allowing students to practice maneuvers and hone their skills on the school’s flight simulator between lessons.

The Sport Pilot license, in which AvSport specializes, is the newest portal of entry into the world of aviation, allowing prospective pilots to become licensed in half the time, and at half the cost, of the traditional Private Pilot license. Piper Memorial Airport is the ancestral home to the legendary Piper Cub, arguably the world’s first sport plane. Modern Light Sport aircraft allow pilots to recapture the bygone fly-for-fun Cub era, with increased reliability and improved safety.

Aspiring Sport Pilots are invited to browse AvSport’s extensive website, http://AvSport.org, for a wealth of free training material. For more information, email fly@avsport.org, or call Prof. H. Paul Shuch, AvSport’s Chief Flight Instructor, at (570) 748-3725.