Baron Launches New API Website for Aviation


Huntsville, AL – Baron, the worldwide provider of critical weather intelligence, announces the launch of the new Baron Weather API for Aviation website, now optimized for development. Baron Weather API for Aviation makes it easy to integrate quality-controlled, industry-leading weather data into a range of devices and services, including location-based smart phone and tablet apps, websites, desktop applications, multi-function displays, chartplotters, and electronic flight bags.

The new Baron Weather API for Aviation website offers customers an intuitive and customizable user experience, including a renovated documentation area with improved organization and faster access. With more customer dashboard features and convenient key display, customers can easily leverage Baron Weather API using any coding language, whether to track current conditions, view forecast conditions, or access historical data. Plus, new and improved use case ideas and descriptions for over 200 meteorological data products, including over 60 Baron exclusives, empower customers to develop creative solutions for their application.

Baron Weather API for Aviation provides a host of global data products compiled from an array of public and private sources, then quality controlled for superior timeliness and accuracy. Customers can integrate satellite imagery, Baron-exclusive satellite derived radar (which provides weather data when no ground-based radar is available), significant weather, winds and temperatures aloft, and a lightning map which can display individual strikes or as a heat map showing where lightning activity is most intense.

Other weather data products and features integrated by Baron Weather API include (globally available products featured in bold):

  • METAR Reports
  • Volcanic Eruption
  • Graphical flight conditions and echo tops
  • CID and SLP icing data
  • NOTAMs
  • Turbulence

The cloud-powered Baron Weather API scales with customer demand to deliver secure and reliable data on time, every time. For efficient integration into any application or platform, Baron Weather API features a streamlined on-boarding process and includes numerous data formats, including JSON and TMS. It also features RESTful architecture to ensure a familiar development environment. All data in the Baron Weather API for Aviation is provided in a variety of different formats with the developer able to determine how to present the information. Additionally, data packages are fully customized, making integration easy and quick.

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