Brant Aero forms dedicated turbine engine maintenance group


Brantford, Ontario, (March 30, 2017) — Representatives of Brant Aero, a division of the Progressive Air Group, announced today that the company has formed a dedicated turbine engine maintenance group and has selected industry veteran, Mitch Callaghan to head the new group. “A growing number of our piston-engine aircraft owner/operator customers are now moving up to turboprops and light jets,” stated Progressive Air Group’s President, Rob Wharf. “They know the high level of quality work and customer service Brant Aero offers and that’s what they want for their larger aircraft. We felt now was the time to expand our capabilities with regards to meeting their turbine aircraft inspections and maintenance needs.””I am very excited about the opportunity to head the Brant Aero turbine group,” Callaghan said. “Our turbine group is dedicated to providing not only the high levels of service, quality and support that our Canadian- and U.S.-based customers expect, but to do so in a timely and cost-effective manner.””We are very fortunate to have Mitch (Callaghan) oversee our new turbine engine group,” added Todd Collins, CEO of the Progressive Air Group of Companies. “Mitch is a Transport Canada Minister’s Delegate for 523 certified aircraft, as well as restricted category aircraft. He also holds aircraft certification authority (ACA) certification for the Cessna CJ525-series, King Air-series, and other popular general aviation piston and turbine aircraft.””More importantly, he’s been with Brant Aero for over 20 years and in that time he has built very strong relationships with many of our customers,” Collins added. “They trust Mitch and everyone at Brant Aero to deliver the highest quality of maintenance services and ensure that they, their passengers and their aircraft are as safe as they possibly can be.”In addition to a full range of turbine engine services, Brant Aero’s in-house turbine group also provides turboprop and light jet owner/operators with an array of airframe maintenance and inspection services. In addition, the company offers avionics inspection and installation services, including RVSM compliance and testing. Brant Aero has been providing avionics services for over 40 years. “The only engine maintenance we sub-contract out is hot-section work,” Callaghan said. “But that work is performed to our high standards here at our facility. We take full ownership of every piece of the process.”Brant Aero is location at Brantford Airport (CYFD) in Ontario, Canada, just 60 miles west of Toronto. As an added service, the company will cover all landing fees at Brantford Airport for customer aircraft. About the Brant AeroBrant Aero, a division of the Progressive Air Group of Companies, is a 44-year-old family-owned company located in Brantford, Ontario at the Brantford Municipal Airport, CYFD. Brant Aero is a Transport Canada certified AMO, #10-74 and SMS Compliant. Brant Aero has a total staff of 13 AME’s and support staff. The company represents all leading avionics manufacturers, as well as specializing in aircraft sales and maintenance, import and export aircraft from around the world. From simple modifications and repairs to full panel upgrades, their avionics services include customization, installation, maintenance and repairs of most avionics systems on the market today. They are also an authorized Cessna and Beechcraft piston service facility and provide a fully array of maintenance and upgrade services for piston and turboprop aircraft. New capabilities include propeller balancing and propeller syncrophaser system testing equipment. For more information about our company and compliance with ADS-B, visit: