BrightLine Bags Adds Two New Components to “The FLEX System”


BrightLine Bags, Inc. is announcing the release of two new components that extend the versatility of “The FLEX System”, its modular gear-bag product line: [1] PACK CAP REAR – $45 [2] SIDE POCKET ECHO – $18.

[1] “PACK CAP REAR” is a new modular End Cap that has Backpack Straps built into it. This new component can be zipped onto the back of any other FLEX System module and suddenly any (smaller) BrightLine Bags configuration can become a Backpack. “The challenge was to make an End Cap that looked completely ordinary otherwise, but then could suddenly become a backpack in just seconds when needed”, said Ross Bishop, founder and designer at BrightLine Bags. “The intent is to give customers the ability to throw their small BrightLine Bag onto their back and use both shoulders to carry the load and be hands free when necessary.”

[2] “SIDE POCKET ECHO” is a new infinitely-adjustable, insulated, specialized side pocket for any size water bottle from 0.5L to 1.5L. With the new SIDE POCKET ECHO, any cylindrical container can be held securely, removed and restored with one hand, and the pocket can be sized differently as needed. And since it’s made of neoprene, it has good insulation qualities too. “No one has ever taken this approach to the problem of holding various-sized containers before. It’s a unique and effective solution that we think our customers are really going to like”, said Ross Bishop. Both items are available immediately at

BrightLine Bags has been designing and manufacturing award-winning gear bags for pilots and field professionals since 2008. Their innovative approach to gear bags by making them modular has changed the way people think about their daily bags for both personal and professional use. “Pick your Parts, Build your Bag(TM)”.