Britannica Launches Civil Aviation-Focused Customer Solutions Department


Britannica Knowledge Systems (, maker of the leading commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software, the Fox Training Management System, has erected a new Customer Solutions Department dedicated to ensuring that Fox can most favorably meet the unique training management processing needs of each airline, FTO, and training provider.

Fox is endowed with innovative training solutions for managing AQP/ATQP; maintaining qualifications and certifications; optimizing scheduling and resources; and overseeing grading and assessments. Britannica’s new Customer Solutions Department ensures that aviation training operations optimally reap the qualification, training and learning management rewards that Fox offers.

“This department’s development is a natural outcome of Britannica’s business growth in the area of civil aviation,” said Miki Ringelhim, Britannica’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “These experts have developed a deep understanding of the unique needs of aviation training, which they couple with their system expertise to quickly deliver glove-fitting technology solutions.”

Adi Silagy, Britannica’s former Chief Product Manager serving Boeing Flight Services, NASA and the Israel Defense Forces, has been selected to lead the Customer Solutions Department. Engaged in the lifecycle of the project from the first interaction with the prospect through project completion, Silagy firmly believes that their involvement profoundly enriches aviation customer experience.

“Access to our leading minds at the very first contact with a prospective airline or aviation training center helps shape the solution more accurately,” said Silagy. “Our professionals even often find themselves offering valuable best practices and internal process improvements to prospects before any decisions are made to purchase Fox.”

The Department’s uninterrupted project participation results in a reduction in project time. This due to both the ability to get up to speed quickly as aviation-specialized professionals and the flattening of the need for knowledge transfers between internal departments.

“Our people can perform just about any role at any customer we serve,” said Silagy. “We leverage our in-depth aviation training management knowledge and expertise to ensure that customers successfully capitalize on the full value of Fox’s offering and attain the desired ROI.”

Britannica Customer Solutions professionals’ methodologies help them to rapidly and deeply understand the business processes, needs, abilities and limitations of each aviation customer’s business unit. In activities such as qualifying a pilot, where the process involves interdepartmental collaboration and the interaction of multiple roles such as schedulers, administrative assistants, curriculum builders, records personnel, standards personnel and even TSA agents, the Department’s efforts ensure that there is a smooth, coordinated handoff. They create differing Fox concepts of operation (ConOps) for various departments within a single organization, and they often act as a bridge between internal units and the IT department. The product is the optimal execution of each process in Fox, and the overall result is an efficient, cost effective operation that ensures safety, proficiency and continuous qualification maintenance.