Cirrus Aircraft Company Names JATO Aviation 2019 North American Training Center of the Year


Cirrus Aircraft Company Names JATO Aviation 2019 North American Training Center of the Year

Exemplifying the highest standard in flight training with the San Francisco Bay Area’s most advanced fleet of aircraft, highly skilled instructors, and professional staff, JATO Aviation raises the bar for what a modern aviation lifestyle brand can be.

JATO Aviation’s accomplishment was awarded last week at Cirrus’ annual partner convention in Orlando, Florida, in front of over 950 other Cirrus training, service, and sales partner attendees from all over the world.

Cirrus Aircraft started in the late nineties in a Baraboo, Wisconsin barn with the idea of increased comfort, aesthetic appeal, and, most of all, safety in a piston-powered, single-engine aircraft. The SR series of aircraft employs an entire airframe parachute that allows the whole aircraft and its occupants to return to the ground under a gigantic parachute in the rare case of a catastrophic mechanical failure or pilot incapacitation. This groundbreaking technology has saved over 188 lives. In 2020, Cirrus Aircraft will reach the impressive milestone of over 8,000 SR deliveries, and they are accelerating the production of the so-fun-to-fly SF50 Vision Jet.

JATO Aviation CEO, April Gafford explains, “Our goal is to inspire our clients by providing the best pilot training in the latest technology advanced Cirrus Aircraft. We do this through our professional, standardized flight training approach. This approach to flight training has allowed us to help our clients become safe, proficient Cirrus pilots, and take advantage of everything the Cirrus lifestyle has to offer. We have the largest fleet of rental, charter, and managed Cirrus aircraft in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our advanced fleet of new Cirrus SR series airplanes, combined with our structured approach, allows us to provide the ideal flight training environment for our clients. We have flight operations at three Bay Area airports (San Carlos, Palo Alto, and Hayward, CA).

JATO Aviation was established in 2004 with the purchase of a Cirrus SR20. We realized then that Cirrus Aircraft was building the most innovative airplane on the market. Since then, we have made it our mission to provide unparalleled training in technologically advanced aircraft and help pilots from around the world realize their dream of flying. JATO also specializes in aircraft rental, charter services, aircraft management, and aircraft ownership leaseback. And for owners, our professional staff and commitment to excellence enable us to provide a turn-key solution.

It’s so gratifying seeing one of our clients become a safe, proficient pilot. From their very first flight as a student, to getting an instrument rating in a technologically advanced airplane, and even going on to fly the Cirrus Vision Jet. We do this through our incredible team of Cirrus Flight Instructors and Operations staff here at JATO. I’m so proud of our whole team to be recognized as the 2019 Cirrus Flight Training Center of the Year by Cirrus Aircraft”.