Civic Helicopters’ President/Chief Pilot Makes GA Safer In China


Civic Helicopters’ founder and Chief Pilot, Chin Yi Tu, conducted a 3 day seminar on helicopter emergency procedures and flight safety at the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China from November 16-18, 2016.

The seminar covered many of the emergency procedures and advanced maneuvers that various attendees had submitted requests and questions about, including autorotations with various mission profiles (transport, powerline patrol, external load), settling with power recovery (also combined with LTE), tail rotor failures/malfunctions and various combinations of these based on accidents that have been observed in China and elsewhere. Attendees included over 150 Chief Pilots, Chief Instructors, Line Pilots, Flight and Ground Instructors, Flight Operations Managers and helicopter owners as well as some CAAC Pilot Examiners responsible for the issuance of PPL through CFI certificates in China.

This is the second large format seminar Mr. Tu has completed this year, with an earlier symposium completed in July at Qingdao during an initial working group of the China Helicopter Safety Team. He will continue to work with individual clients and operators in China through the rest of the year providing safety training tailored for individual operators’ mission profiles. While the quality of flight training and education is very strong at certain institutions in China, the industry is very fast growing and thus many pilots come to the U.S. for flight training, where this is still a bit of a language barrier.

As a respected veteran of the aviation industry who has been flying for over 50 years and 30,000 hours, Chin brings deep knowledge and insight in helicopter flight, in his native Mandarin Chinese, to the fast growing numbers of helicopter pilots and operators in China.