CTI Professional Flight Training Joins a Select Group of Flight Schools


CTI Professional Flight Training, LLC has been approved from the CAAV to train Vietnamese students in the United States. CTI Professional Flight Training’s Vietnamese students will receive an identical training curriculum as US students all while being immersed in English, the mandated international language of aviation. With this CAAV approval CTI Professional Flight Training joins a short list of only fifteen other CAAV-approved flight schools worldwide.

CTI Professional Flight Training has a vision to provide Vietnamese students a college-style living arrangement throughout their flight training curriculum. The campus is currently under construction at the Millington Regional Jetport (NQA) satellite location and will include dormitories, cafeteria, rec center and supplied student transportation all while being located adjacent to the flight school training center.

CTI Professional Flight Training has been training professional pilots at its Fort Lauderdale location for over 25 years, and recently expanded its operation to a satellite base at Millington Regional Jetport near Memphis, Tennessee. This expansion includes a complete renovation of an existing hangar at the Jetport, an order for twenty new fully-equipped training aircraft, and plans for a full campus-style training experience, including on-site dorms, dining, and recreation facilities. CTI Professional Flight Training’s unique training format can take a student from zero hours experience to a licensed commercial pilot in approximately eight months.