DAES Distribution Announces Partnership with First National Capital


Coconut Creek, FL. July 30, 2019. DAES Distribution, a premier aerospace global provider, announced today a new strategic partnership with First National Capital, a commercial equipment and aviation finance provider. The partnership leverages the lender advantages of First National Capital and combines it with DAES’s industry experience, and support capabilities in a true end-to-end solution.

First National Capital, recognized for being a fast decision, flexible, and cost-effective financing company, provides competitive equipment financing across the U.S. and Canada to mid-sized and large companies across a wide variety of industries and asset classes.

Matt Pirofalo, Senior Account Manager stated, “The partnership with DAES Distribution for equipment loan and project financing, will support a large number of existing and new customers. I am certain that our competitive advantages, such as taking only the equipment as a collateral, and covering all the acquisition soft costs, (sales taxes, shipping, installation, and training), will benefit DAES’s customers”.

DAES Distribution equipment segment serves the military and commercial airlines, MRO’s, and prime manufacturers with solutions to repair and maintain aircraft components and engine parts.

“We’re thrilled to work with First National Capital to provide our customers with an effective finance solution,” said Juerg Bartlome, The DAES Group CEO. “As a leading aerospace provider, we are always looking for partners that can support our customers’ growth, and First National Capital has the capacity to meet our clients’ needs”, added Juerg.

First National Capital’s asset-based lending, provides DAES’ customers the opportunity to easily and quickly request low cost financing to reduce the acquisition time.

First National Capital provides competitive equipment financing to mid-sized and large companies across a wide variety of industries and asset classes in the U.S. and Canada. A unique capital structure allows First National Capital to provide customers with the most flexible, custom-tailored financing solutions. FNC was recently recognized by Monitor as the 6th largest independent equipment finance company. For more information, visit www.firstncc.com.

DAES Distribution LLC, provides equipment, tools and consumable product solutions to the aerospace industry. Founded in 2015, the company is focused on delivering support in the USA, Canada and Mexico, primarily for quality European-based equipment manufacturers. DAES Distribution is part os The DAES Group of Companies. For more information, please visit www.daesdistribution.com.

The DAES Group of Companies is a premier global service that supports aerospace manufactures and commercial, military, and MRO operations; providing turnkey solutions, centric support, and proactive service. Since its foundation, in 1994, the group goal is to be the one-stop support for the aerospace industry worldwide. The DAES Group scope of expertise covers consulting support, program, business, and operations management, technical assistance, quality control, training, and facilities improvement. The group is formed by five companies: DAES Consulting, DAES Distribution, DAES Logistics, DAES Representations, and DAES Services. For more information, please visit www.daesgroup.com.