Diamond Demonstrates DA42 MPP High Altitude Capabilities


During a 2-week demonstration tour in La Paz (Bolivia) and Lima (Peru), Diamond Aircraft’s multipurpose platform DA42 MPP was able to demonstrate its start and landing performance on high altitude airports.

The challenging conditions on the world’s highest international airport El Alto in La Paz delivered unique insights into the DA42 MPP capabilities. The aircraft, powered by two 168hp Austro Engine’s AE300 turbocharged jet fuel engines, performed several take offs and landings on 14,000ft and also demonstrated its climb performance.

The potential customers were especially satisfied with the flawless engine operation, the outstanding performance in combination with low operating costs and the excellent autopilot integration of the Garmin GFC700.

Alexander Maierhofer, Sales Manager Special Mission Aircraft at Diamond Aircraft Industries states: “The demonstration of the aircraft departing and arriving to an airport in 14,000ft was a good chance for our company to demonstrate the tremendous capabilities of our DA42 MPP. We were able to show potential customers the possibility to operate the airplane as a special mission aircraft in high altitude countries. This is very important for the majority of South America as many airfields in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia are situated in 10,000ft or higher.”

Niko Daroussis, Test Pilot at Diamond Aircraft Industries ads: “The engine power output during take-off is satisfactory in the range of 94-96% LOAD owing to the incorporated turbocharger system. Initial climb and cruise climb at MTOM result in average climb rates of approximately 1,000 ft/min. Engine operating characteristics don’t differ from normal operation at lower altitudes with take-off and landing at MSL.”

More about the Austro Engine AE300: austroengine.at/en/products