ELITE Debuts Motion Helicopter Simulator At ALEA Expo


ORLANDO, Fl. — ELITE Simulation Solutions debuted their new single-seat, motion-based, piston helicopter trainer called the TH22SM at the Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA) Expo in Savannah, GA. The TH22 series of Advanced Aviation Training Device is based on the Robinson 22/44 piston helicopter.

The ELITE TH22SM features a 3 DOF (pitch, roll and heave) motion system. According to ELITE President /CEO, John Dixon, “Adding motion to the helicopter trainer adds significant training benefits to new students and even experienced rotary wing pilots. Motion cues plus the visual motion makes this the perfect autorotation trainer… from negative and positive “G’s” on entry, flare and initial to the touchdown ground effects and contact. The high fidelity of this motion system makes it the perfect platform for learning to hover, practice hovering auto-rotations, quick stops, confined areas, slope operations, pinnacle landings and running landings. In addition to VFR and IFR training, this platform makes an amazing emergency procedural trainer. Because of the accolades received at ALEA, ELITE will be offering the motion option to its full line of turbine helicopter training devices as well. Typical with all ELITE training systems, this trainer offers the best “cost to benefit ratio” than any trainer in its class.

The TH22 AATD is FAA approved for Private, IFR, Commercial, ATP, IPC and currency credits. For more information about ELITE’s full line of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aviation training devices visit www.flyelite.com today.

About ELITE Simulation Solutions

For nearly 30 years, ELITE has been a pioneer and leading global provider of IFR training software, simulator hardware and aviation training devices. Additional information about ELITE Simulation Solutions fixed wing and rotary wing products are available at www.flyelite.com.