Express Jets Welcomes 20-Year Tenure Sales Associate


Akron, Ohio – Texas-based aircraft sales company Express Jets announces the addition of Daniel Boone, formerly of Jet Associates. Boone will lead the Express Jets Midwest office in developing sales and acquisition endeavors, aviation consulting and management opportunities.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Express Jets team. My entire career has been spent in aviation sales and consulting, so I look forward to continuing that tradition with Express Jets’ current and future customers, ” says Boone.

Express Jets President and CEO Jason Leavelle states, “We are extremely excited to have Dan on our team. We believe in his ability to bring a tighter focus on customer relationships and his ability to further elevate the quality of our sales team. A presence in the Midwest will absolutely help us provide a higher level of service to our customers in that region.”

Boone comes to Express Jets with over 20 years experience in the corporate aviation industry. His dynamic career continues to encourage his proficiency in business development and corporate aviation solutions.