Flight Resource Offers Nickel Leading Edge MT Composite Propeller


Bloomer, WI – MT Composite Propeller blades for use on piston powered aircraft have always included a stainless steel leading edge guard. This tough and replaceable edge continues to provide superior protection from erosion and foreign object damage (FOD) for over 50,000 blades in operation around the world.

A harder and larger nickel leading edge has been standard on MT Composite Propellers designed for use on turbine powered commuter aircraft. The nickel edges provided the best protection from damage and erosion on these commercial use aircraft.

Flight Resource will now offer this same nickel leading edge option to all of the MT Propellers approved for use on thousands of personal aircraft by way of their STC propeller upgrade kits.

The benefits of the optional nickel edges are summarized below:

– The Nickel edge is 300% stronger than the standard stainless steel.

– It extends into the blade chord 1″ further providing added protection from FOD

The added protection area virtually eliminates the chance of paint erosion. – It is Service Center replaceable.

– The edge is electroformed meaning it transitions to the blade with no edge filler required. – Nickel is corrosion resistant.

– The look of the wide bright metal edge on the sweeping shape of the MT blades is very attractive.

– The weight of the prop is not changed.

Flight Resource is the world’s largest volume distributor of MT Composite Propellers and the holder of several Propeller upgrade STC’s that approve the installation of the MT Composite Propellers to hundreds of models of aircraft from piper cubs to twin turbine commuter aircraft. For more information www.Flight-Resource.com