FltPlan Launches RAFT System


FltPlan has launched its newest service, RAFT, a sophisticated proprietary interface that works closely with the FAA’s Traffic Management system to alert users of any current or upcoming ATC delays or ground stop programs. FltPlan’s RAFT, which stands for Reactive Advanced Filing Technology, “reacts” to notices from the FAA regarding possible ATC delays an at airport by advance filing the flight plan (immediately, up to six hours in advance). Doing so ensures that users have the best possible positioning for their flight in the queue in the event of delays, ground stop programs, or re-routes.

FltPlan’s RAFT system works with CDM as a part of the FAA’s Traffic Flow Management System. FltPlan is one of a handful of flight planning companies who interface with the CDM program by submitting flight plans up to 22 hours in advance. “CDM is a proactive method of traffic management, while RAFT is a reactive method,” says Sarah Wilson, Principle and Director of New Technology and Business Development for FltPlan. FltPlan’s RAFT system reacts instantly to anything going on at ATC on a minute-by-minute basis. FltPlan’s RAFT system is also tied in with EDCTs. The notice that a flight plan is being filed in advanced acts as an initial heads-up or warning for a user to further investigate EDCT information regarding possible problems at an airport.

FltPlan informs users of EDCT notifications and RAFT notifications by posting an alert on their account on the FltPlan website and by sending email notifications or text messages. The RAFT system ensures that pilots will know when and why their flight plan has been filed early.

About FltPlan: FltPlan is the largest provider of general aviation flight planning services in North America. 150,000 registered users rely on FltPlan for free flight planning and filing, charts, weather, FBO and Airport Information, Weight & Balance, eLogbook, Checklists, and premium services like eAPIS, SMS, Flight Tracking, and PDCs. The FltPlan Go mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is a powerful companion to the website. The FltPlan Go app is compatible with multiple ADS-B receivers and offers essential features and tools such as free geo-referenced approach plates for both the U.S. and Canada, NavLogs, real-time Weather, detailed FBO and Airport Information, Checklists, and Weight & Balance.