Fly First Year Free Diamond DA40 XLT Promotion


New York, NY (June 10th, 2014) – To draw attention to the new enhancements of the latest Diamond DA40 XLT model ( and to highlight the economic leverage of the DiamondShare ( program, Dominion Aircraft Sales today announced that their next XLT off the line is a “Special Edition” with an unprecedented feature set and a “Fly First Year Free” promotional package that pays for virtually all first year expenses of ownership. The “Special Edition” created by Dominion includes features and advantages not previously offered like LED lights and even includes an Apple iPad Mini with wireless ADS-B. The XLT package is the pinnacle of style and comfort with its wider seats, Rosen Visors and Infrared Control Technology Leather and the XLT Promotional Package developed for one unit (and only one unit) pays for virtually all the first year expenses including: delivery, maintenance, data subscriptions, insurance, training and first year fuel rebate to name a few of the items. But as they say on the infomercials…But Wait There’s More! On top of all that there is a very generous incentive rebate also included. The lucky buyer of the plane will also be able to select their custom stripe scheme and colors if they purchase by July 1st 2014. When combined with the economic leverage of ownership through the DiamondShare program the “Fly First Year Free” is impressive and includes additional DiamondShare specific extras. The promotion is being made available only through Dominion’s east coast Flight Center Network and also through the DiamondShare program so geographic and other restrictions apply. “This is a bit of an attention grabbing stunt” admits John Armstrong, President of Dominion Aircraft Sales, the mid-Atlantic and Northeast Diamond Regional Distributor (DRDC) that created the program. “We wanted to draw attention to the unique qualities of the XLT model and the powerful economic leverage of the DiamondShare program. We could think of no better way than a super compelling Fly First Year Free offer available for only one lucky buyer.” “We also wanted to reward our Flight Centers for their great work in the last year with an exciting promotion for them to share with their clients. Some lucky client of theirs that has been dreaming of acquiring their dream plane is going to be very happy.” continued Armstrong DiamondShare ( is a unique program that provides aircraft buyers with several DiamondShare “Members” to transform the economics for all involved providing the owner leverage for his dream plane and flexible access to a state-of-the-art aircraft for the Members. Dominion Aircraft Sales ( is the Diamond Regional Distribution Center for eight states in the mid-Atlantic and northeast regions of the US and the creator of the modern aircraft marketplace and the DiamondShare program. Dominion supports a growing network of Flight Centers that offer flight training in modern Diamond Aircraft. For more information call 406-FLY-1NOW / 406-359-1669.