Free App Automates Pilot Squawks


Sherwood, OR – Pilots who are getting rid of paper now find themselves tied to multiple mobile devices. And they still need paper! The Squawk App keeps track of pilot squawks and current aircraft time, on a free phone app.

For Pilots: The Squawk App works across mobile devices and provides an easy to use structured data entry form. Unlike existing systems, The Squawk App is convenient–it works on the mobile devices pilots already carry and is useable off line.

For aircraft operators: The Squawk App delivers structured, useful information by e-mail. Issues can be written up in real time. Maintenance gets Timely, Accurate & Relevant (TAR) data, in a clear, useful format, which can easily be an input or integrated into existing maintenance applications.

Tom Perkowski, Co-Founder of Eagle Cap Software, notes, “I’m a typical pilot; I admit I’ve jotted down squawks and recorded my aircraft time on random slips of paper, which I inevitably misplaced just when I needed the data. I knew there was a better way. That led to the idea for The Squawk App.”

How it works: The pilot selects his aircraft and answers three standard questions: Where/When did it happen? What happened? What troubleshooting steps were taken? That’s it; hit Submit. Right on the Home screen, the pilot can easily confirm that the squawk was sent to the server. If it wasn’t, he doesn’t have to write everything again. Just hit Resubmit.

It is also easy to enter flight time. The pilot chooses their aircraft, enters the hours, number of landings, and hits submit. The Squawk App supports Hobbs, Tach and Block/OOOI (Out, Off, On, In) Time reporting.

In both instances the pilot receives an email confirmation the data went to the server. The email also goes to the recipient list assigned during setup–typically the maintenance and operations team.

Availability: The Squawk App is available as a free download on iOS devices in the Apple App Store. The Android version is planned for release in March 2016.

The App Store Link is

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