FST LLC Introduces Preheater Switch


PRO-MAX has a maximum switching capacity of 2,400 Watts and will operate on either 15 or 20 Amp 120 Volt AC service. This feature allows the unit to control all of the popular crankcase and cylinder pre-heaters currently available, as well as High-Demand, electric forced air systems.

This unit is ideal for servicing multiple aircraft, whether single or twin engine. The 2.4 KW load can be distributed between the two outlets for aircraft equipped with crankcase and cylinder heaters. Outlet 1 is available for single, High-Load devices such as Forced Air Preheaters.

PRO-MAX uses the same interactive control system as the proven REGAL PRO. User friendly operation is by a Free, proprietary iPhone App or by any SMS text capable cell phone. Outlets can be separately toggled ON and OFF or activated for user selected Run times by App or Text. Future activations based on clock time is a New Feature and allows the outlets to be separately scheduled for future activation. A user-controlled Resident Program turns outlets on by No-Cost phone call. Security is assured by Password and Approved User List. Low-Cost, User-managed, Pay-as-You-Go cell service is provided on the ATT network or an economic annual subscription service, provided by FST is available. PRO-MAX is delivered with active Cell service and is fully operational, out-of the-box.

FST Products include the Economical U-Phone-iT and the Medium Power REGAL PRO remote switches.