G1000 Simulator Receives FAA Certification


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEG1000 Simulator Receives FAA CertificationSeattle, WA 11/17/17Seattle company one-G simulation receives FAA certification for additional variants of their popular Cessna 172 based flight simulator, including precise emulations based on the Garmin(R) G1000 and GNS430 panel configurations. The one-G Foundation is approved as an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD). With this new approval, flight schools now have more avionics options to choose from. one-G simulation produces their own software and hardware solutions in-house which allows them to support, customize, and update their equipment with great accuracy. one-G’s entire fleet of devices utilize their own high fidelity avionics emulators. The Foundation is now available in 4 primary configurations: standard panel with 1G-650, standard panel with 1G-430, standard panel with 1G-5/1G-430, and 1G-1000. In addition, this most recent approval includes an option for active control loading for the yoke.All of one-G’s avionics emulators are representative of the Garmin(R) units with similar naming conventions. Aaron Erbeck, one-G’s COO, “We chose emulation because it allows us to provide the best possible experience for the students while simultaneously controlling the bottom-line price point of the device. Our hardware/software combinations allow us to produce devices at a fraction of the cost of using actual avionics certified for flight. In addition to authoring our software, we produce our own hardware, ensuring that all aspects of our products are faithful to the real aircraft. This means students training in our devices don’t have to endure the negative transfer of learning common with other simulators using generic interchangeable panels. Instead, our high fidelity devices maintain a positive transfer of learning.”The one-G Foundation G1000 variant was commissioned as a custom project and developed through the one-G Creative Solutions Studio (CSS). CSS is dedicated to providing all manner of training solutions for organizations, from custom flight simulators to software-only installations. The one-G Foundation is available immediately for purchase. Qualifying flight schools can also apply to receive a Foundation through the one-G Access program on a pay-per-use basis. Contact info@flyone-G.com to learn more or call 888.751.1011 * flyone-g.com