GeoFence intelligence in iOS Applications | New way for customer engagement


For a moment think, you are nearby one of your most loved restaurant or a coffee house and you got a discount coupon from them, you will be satisfied by the offer. On the same note, wouldn’t it be great to get a notification if your child or a pet is outside of particular zone/area? Wouldn’t it be truly cool to track the precious luggage, lost at the airport? These are considered as some of the application of GeoFence and LBS (location-based services). Modern applications are getting to be smarter by adding GeoFence intelligence. Canopus Infosystems is a top iOS app developer in the India, holding expertise in iPhone app development with devotion towards creating the best applications with the latest technologies. For the entrepreneurs/enterprises looking for iPhone app developers, we always guarantee the best to our customers by guiding them through best innovative preferences to meet their necessities. We extremely well understand that great software needs a comparably great application and a adaptable UI design patterns to provide a range of Apple Products. Let’s understand what is GeoFence, Its applications, and fundamental implementation.To know more about us: is GeoFencing exactly?A Geofence is a virtual fence or limit that’s set around a real-world location. GeoFence differs in sizes like encircling a small store to covering the whole city. In most of the cases, geofences are made for particular area or points of interest. GeoFence shape could be circle, polygon etc.A Geofence can be used once geolocation data of entity is available. The geolocation data could be available on any GPS-enabled device like a smartphone. The data can be used by product/app to understand the location of the entity (smartphone user or anything carrying GPS-enabled hardware device like a car, trailer and so forth.) and provide a service response based on this information.Once the GeoFence is made, the app can set up triggers, which sends an instant message, email alert, or push notification when an object under perception enters (or leaves) the geoFence. Commonly, geoFence creation and setting up triggers is called as geoFencing.Canopus has designed various solutions from scratch for the following business use-cases:Adding an incentive to sales process by relevantly making promotional freebies and gifts.Driving clients and traffic to the business.Offering a win-win business suggestion to clients with applicable push notifications.Engaging customers and potential buyers with the business.Gaining business knowledge with location-specific information about customers.Better control and monitoring on-road transport.Event management through real-time location alert and information.Monitoring and overseeing workforce remotely.Canopus Infosystems is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization based in India. It is one of the most renowned digital product development company that define, plans and delivers enterprise software solutions. They have served mid-level to high-level organizations that recognize the need to change their business through digital development. We also provide end to end support as a trustable iOS developer who serves the customers with the best products and services.