Redlands, CA, (February 08, 2017) — Representatives of Gill Batteries, a division of Teledyne Technologies, (Heli-EXPO booth, #5517), announced today that the company has received an FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) to install its new-generation 7407-28 sealed lead acid battery on all models of the Bell 407 helicopter.

In addition, the company also announced that Bell Helicopter has selected the new battery as original equipment aboard its new 407 GXP.

“This is the newest member of our advanced 7000 series/LT sealed lead acid battery for helicopters,” stated Gill Batteries, General Manager, Armando Chacon. “Now that we have the FAA STC and PMA we are very excited to be able to offer its benefits to the entire global fleet of Bell 407-series helicopters.”

Chacon explained that the Gill 7407-28 sealed lead acid battery provides a number of advantages over a NiCad battery, including the fact that it does not require the hazardous materials restrictions or any special maintenance processes.

Along with these advantages, the higher performance Gill 7000 series/LT provides a number of benefits compared to all competitive batteries, including: – More initial start up power – More residual power after start up – Recharge rates up to 50-percent faster – Up to 18 months or 1,800 hours before requiring an in-shop recharging and capacity check – Lower cost than competitive batteries.

“Bell 407-series helicopters are extremely reliable and hard-working aircraft,” Chacon said. “We are very proud to be able to help owner/operator maximize the value of their helicopters by equipping them with a battery that delivers equally exceptional performance.”

“With the FAA STC and PMA in hand on the 7407-28 battery, we are well on our way to our goal of having the same approvals for other leading helicopter models, including those from Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo (Augusta Westland models) and Robinson Helicopters,” he said. “Our plan is to continue to add FAA STCs and PMA approvals for our 7000 series/LT sealed lead acid batteries for these rotorcraft throughout this year.”

About Gill Batteries Founded in 1920 and located in Redlands, California, Gill Batteries, also known as Teledyne Battery Products, is a division of Teledyne Technologies. Today, Gill batteries are the “Original Equipment Battery” for many commercial, private and military fixed-wing and rotary aircraft. Gill battery products are proven to last and out-perform the competition. The pink Gill battery is recognized world wide as the standard of excellence in primary battery power for business and general aviation piston, turbine, and turbojet-powered aircraft and helicopters. In addition to their batteries the company also provides battery chargers, capacity testers, accessories, start cart batteries, battery maintenance training, and FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) kits. For more information, visit:

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