Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary


On December 14, 2020, celebrated 25 years of “Connecting the Aviation Industry,” even through a global pandemic.

What began in the basement of a house in 1995, has now grown into the largest aviation industry platform on the internet. Through the ups and downs has faced throughout multiple economic obstacles, its aviation-related platform has continued to thrive. The company has built a platform of trust by clients and users alike.

The .com bust, recession, and now COVID-19 have been just a few of the challenges that has faced and overcome during its 25-year lifespan. has maintained a slow but steady growth, without the need for a buy-out, equity financing, or capital floorplans. To this day, the company is still owned and operated by a single family, as it has been since its start in 1995.

One thing, however, has not changed – the company’s commitment to developing new products to keep pilots in the air and aircraft flying. Whether it is aviation news distribution or helping aircraft buyers find the right wings for their mission with decision making data, has been a trusted source from the beginning.

The support for’s projects this last year has been tremendous, from launching the momentous AirMail News Broadcast to the establishment of the BuyPlane App based on the pre-owned aircraft market.

“We have been so fortunate this year,” commented Jeffrey Carrithers,’s President and CEO. “Because of the pandemic, everyone’s thoughts were ‘how do we survive another downturn?’ Luckily, is a platform with several different revenue sources, so when one slows down, we can rely on others. The wonderful part is that we did not see any downturns. We actually saw very good growth across the board, particularly in the 3rd and 4th quarters of this year.”

As 2020 comes to a close, is looking forward to the new year with a renewed focus on expanding and modernizing the website platform even further and additional enhancements to the BuyPlane app. has several innovations and updates coming to their platform that will be part of their growth plan in 2021. The company’s new calendar events section, due out in January, will be a game-changer for webinars and conferences to expand their reach.

Always true to their roots, thanks the pilots, FBO facilities, flight departments, aircraft brokers/dealers, and the many aviation product and services companies who have utilized the multitude of resources it has available to connect buyers and sellers, facilitate the latest news in the aviation industry, and remain knowledgeable of the prices for aviation fuel across the United States.

“With over 250,000 people visiting the website each month, we are very proud of what we have achieved. Despite being a small fish in the aviation pond, has established itself to be a premium aggregator of information in a very competitive industry,” Carrithers remarked.