GlobalJet Signs for Jeppesen Operator & Flight Planning Tools to Maximize Efficiency


GENEVA, May 30, 2018 — Boeing [NYSE: BA], through its subsidiary Jeppesen, today signed a new agreement at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition with GlobalJet, a leading business aviation aircraft management and charter operator, to provide them with Jeppesen Operator and JetPlanner Pro digital operations management solutions.

Jeppesen Operator is a virtual corporate flight department solution that integrates multiple resources and operations capabilities in a single platform for business aviation operators. In a streamlined, in-house solution, GlobalJet now will be able to effectively manage their trip planning, scheduling, maintenance and crew management operations.

“Integrating digital operations tools from Jeppesen will help us increase efficiency and reduce preparation time with our European and global operations,” said Renny Cichella, director, Ground Operations, GlobalJet. “Teaming with Jeppesen is a great fit, as our shared dedication to flight safety is reflected in these digital solutions that will help us plan and execute our flight plans more effectively and increase situational awareness on the ground and in the air.”

Through the Jeppesen Operator platform, GlobalJet will also have access to flight planning data generated by the JetPlanner Pro solution. JetPlanner Pro optimizes flight planning and dispatch operations that will help reduce costs through advanced route planning, reduced fuel consumption and increased manpower efficiency.

“As a clear leader in the business aviation market, we are honored to have GlobalJet as the launch customer of Operator services in Europe,” said William Ampofo, vice president, Business & General Aviation, Boeing Global Services. “This agreement celebrates the integration of forward thinking, market leadership and enhanced operating efficiency, as Boeing and GlobalJet come together in the spirit of innovation.”

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