Guide to Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor in Gliders


Raleigh, NC, September 12, 2017 — Russell Holtz, author of popular soaring training materials and instructor at GLIDERBOOKS Academy Online Soaring School, has just released a new course on becoming a safe, efficient, and effective glider instructor.Russell has developed a complete syllabus for CFI-G candidates. The course pulls together all of the information and resources needed to become a CFI-G. The Flight Training Manual for Gliders and the Glider Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge are used as the core of the curriculum. The course provides progress records, phase tests, and training checklists, and describes how to use them. “Instructor Actions” which show you how to teach each of the flight lessons, are also included, as well as over 180 illustrations that you can download and use for teaching both the flight and knowledge areas to your students.While the bulk of this course consists of information that a CFI-G applicant must know before taking the practical test, and is designed to be self-studied, you should partner with a qualified CFI-G so that you can safely get your flight skills up to the necessary level, and practice the “Instructor Actions” as your CFI-G plays the role of a student. Your CFI-G will also be responsible for verifying that you are capable of meeting all the requirements of the Instructor – Glider, Practical Test Standards.This course is also designed to be used as an ongoing tool for instructors. It contains links to many of the items that an instructor needs to reference, such as particular regulations, Advisory Circulars, and FAA notices, as well as progress records, phase check tests, and flight plans.In discussions with the SSA and the EAA, we have identified a need for more instructors to help grow the sport of soaring and to introduce more youth to aviation. Russell has developed this course to help meet this need. The low introductory price of $99 for three years of access, is an effort to make the course available to anyone who wants to with become a CFI-G or become a more efficient and effective CFI-G.A video describing the content of the course is available at is the collaboration of brother and sister team Russell Holtz and Rhonda Clerkin. Rhonda, with her graphic design and publishing company, White Oak Communications, LLC, provides the publishing and marketing expertise while Russell contributes his passion for teaching aeronautical concepts. Together they have published two popular and widely respected textbooks. The Glider Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and Flight Training Manual for Gliders are available from, from the SSA, Cumulus Soaring, and at many local gliderports.