Hedge Against Unexpected Mechanical Failures with AvGuard


The official launch of the restructured Av-Guard program has transpired and now accepting open enrollment into this unique and cost effective program. Av-Guard initially established in 1986 to give owners the ability to protect their financial budgets from the unexpected mechanical failures on civil aircraft. Until recently, the Av-Guard program was available to only piston aircraft and now has evolved into turbine driven prop and jet aircraft along with helicopters. Flight Support Group’s vision of this amazing program that protects on the unexpected to a worldwide supported program allowing owners to be covered anywhere on the globe.

Flexibility is crucial as no one program can fit every owner’s utilization and that is why Av-Guard allows owners to select from 200, 500 or 750 hours per year. To enhance the owners customization an a la carte selection of all or one coverage on airframe, engines & APU or avionics is available. Affordability is key and when comparing Av-Guard against other programs owners come to realize that coupling this program along with escrowing a fixed scheduled hourly rate will not only lower their annual budget but protection from writing large unexpected checks.

Enrollment is simplistic and no waiting period for coverage after the policy is bound. An owner’s time is respected with a short aircraft questionnaire and a few signatures. For additional information on Av-Guard, please visit: www.FlightSupportGroup.com and FSG, brings a broad selection of innovative products that have a proven track record of enhancing flight departments.